Our Lettings Process

We have an easy and clear to understand letting process. Read on and make yourself familiar with our letting process so you are aware of what to expect.


Register your property details to arrange a FREE rental appraisal. One of our agents will visit your property and assess its rental potential and advise on you on your letting options.

First steps

After receiving instructions to let a property out, our agent will take photos and gather more information about the property. In the first instance we search our database to find suitable tenants, we also advertising the property to give it as much exposure as possible in order to find high caliber tenants and achieving the highest possible rental income for our landlords. No matter which service you choose, we provide comprehensive marketing of your property on a number of popular websites, local press and letting magazines.


We arrange viewings to show potential tenants around, we have long operating hours so viewing can take place any time between 9am and 9pm however we will check with the you first before visiting.

This could be the one

Once we've found a tenant who is interested in your property we check ID, check references, conduct a background and credit search, this is to ensure that the tenant is genuine and can afford the rent. From the information gathered, by consent of the tenant, we compile a report to submit to the landlord.

This is where you, the landlord, come in...

After conducting our searches we will pass on our report to the landlord with our recommendations, it is ultimately up to you as the landlord to accept or reject potential tenants

Final Stages

This depends on which service you choose from us...

With our Tenant Finder Service we will arrange payment of rent, secure a deposit and arrange for it to be held under a custodial deposit protection scheme, draw up a tenancy agreement and hand over the keys to the tenant.

If you choose our Letting & Management service, as well as the above, we will provide an inventory, transfer of utilities, act as first point of contact for any queries also arrange frequent inspection visits to your property. By using this service we are also offering a CORGI and NIC PAT TESTING absolutely free.

To arrange a free valuation contact us by completing an online request form or call us on 0800 612 9697

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  • Landlord Information

    We at eLondon Lets think it is important that everyone is up to date with all aspect of renting. In recent years there have been a number of new legislative changes that affect both tenants and landlords. As a responsible letting agent it is our business to ensure that all parties are aware of their rights and requirements.